Best Time To Workout At Home

best time to burn flab by lifting weights

Problems about setting the training at a particular time of the day is more important than it appears to be. The act of choosing the time that we train depends on several factors.

It’s obvious from the beginning that we can’t use the period of three hours after each main meal to be optimal, because this interval is mainly just allotted to digestion. A large amount of physical effort is totally not advisable at these times (blood must not be sent to the muscles, since gastric digestion has priority).

To be more exact, people need to train when their stomachs are empty, however the level of glycemia must be constant. Thinking about a normal awake – asleep rhythm, there are two better moments when we can set our fitness programs, and training in general: one is in the morning, between the hours of 10 and 12, and the other one is in the afternoon, between 1600 and 1900.

Most sports training experts confirms these periods as being the best for training.

An additional argument for choosing one of these intervals for your training is consideration of your body temperature which, during these times, reaches its maximum. The second period (between 1600 and 1900) is even better than the first one when thinking in this respect, because the temperature is higher which will enhances your performance.

It is not recommended to train extremely early in the morning, just after you wake up, before you have even had breakfast. However, there are some authors who believe in the idea of doing the training in this period being a good thing. The reserves of glycogen are limited due to the lack of food consumption that occurred during the sleeping time.

Its too bad but, at this same time, stress hormones (also called cortisone) are secreted in large amounts, therefore, in addition to the larger amount of adipose tissue (more commonly known as fat), there is also the risk of losing precious muscular tissue.

An additional thing to think about for not doing this is the fact that body temperature is very low in the hours of the morning, so there are no motion parameters (like force, resistance, speed, mobility, and skill) can be activated in full. Therefore, a longer that needed and extra tiring warming up would be required, making the the actual training less beneficial.

Almost all people of knowledge in the area agree that training before bedtime is not advisable at all, because it delays sleep for a few hours, because of the growth of cortical activity and of the body temperature.

The above mentioned  scheduling can be adapted to any biorhythm and time zone in which you live and once it becomes and automatic routine, the effectiveness of your training will increase almost without fail.

Burn Flab And Keep Fit

Burn Flab And Keep Fit

Burn flab and keep fit

People of all ages today know the importance of both of  these. Many of these people attempt to burn flab and get fit, but this is a struggle for many of them. Lots of people have been going to the gym more and more lately. This business is really booming, but I think you don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. This is unless you want to use extra heavy weights and build huge muscles. Possibly, these people like training with others.


All you need it to do to burn flab, and keep it off, is to eat healthier foods. This  includes lots of fruits and vegetables and as little sugar as possible. Do the right type of exercises. You need to do them for a short time each day. You only need a minimum of equipment.

Keeping fit

Keeping fit will help you to develop a psychological framework and lifestyle that keeps depression away. When you are overweight by a little, or a lot, the excessive fat in your body will often cause you to become depressed. It may also cause you to continue to eat in a very unhealthy manner. This is because the majority of people give in to eating when they are depressed.  This increases the chance of having a shorter life. Getting fit, and staying fit, will usually help you to avoid all of these negative health issues. It will also help you to avoid high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Some people think that by starving themselves, the amount of fat in their bodies will be reduced. Some even end up being anorexic, but that is not the way it works. Follow the lifestyle mentioned above and you will never need to starve yourself .  You can eat almost as much as you want, as long as what you eat is the right kind of food. You should not eat a bunch of sugary junk foods. Your healthy metabolism will take care of burning the fat for you. With a fit body, you will be more flexible and active as well. You will be less likely to tire quickly when doing difficult tasks.


We often worry about aging and are spending lots of money on plastic surgeries. Otherwise, we are piling on the anti-aging creams from various sources. In many cases, if we eat right and train right, we will eliminate the need for most of these. We often feel old because we are not fit. If we are fit, we feel young and full of energy. We can become fit, and stay that way, at a very low cost, compared to the above.

So get fit and burn flab as soon as you can. Feel younger and stronger, and end the worries about aging once and for all.  You will also eliminate, or reduce, all of the other negative things that come from not being fit. As long as you stick with this fit lifestyle you will lose more and more dangerous fat every day.

History of Fitness

This is a pretty cool, short, video showing how fitness has evolved over the last century. It’s just a little over a minute long and it starts with easy stretches that were used a hundred years ago and moves through the slightly more difficult stretches used in the 1920, through to the hula hoop fad in the 1950s and the twister fad in the 1960s, Jazzercise in the 1970s, Aerobics in the 1980s, Tae Bo in the 1990s, street dance in the 2000s right up to modern high-energy workouts, like Zumba, which uses a combination of several things like salsa, samba and mambo, often practiced in groups, with people of all ages participating. This video was produced by Benenden Health in the UK.

Easy Home Workout

Some people don’t want to deal with the people and waiting times at a commercial health club. I can understand. Even though I’m a member of a Gym, there are times when I prefer to workout on my own, in the quiet of my own place.

Are you the same way? If you are the type of person that is dedicated to eating right and getting quality exercise each day, but do not need the hassles of a health club, I’m sure working out at home is something that you are interested in.

Here’s a cool home workout you can do. It includes 7 cool exercises you can do at with just two dumbbells, or even two water bottles.

If you like it, share it with friends.

Home Workout with 2 chairs and a broom

Do you have two chairs and a broom at home?

This guy has come up with a great system for working out at home and saving tons of money on gym fees while also saving tons of money on equipment.  I don’t know if it really works, and I worry if these props are sturdy enough, or not. It would not be nice if that broom, or one of those chairs, suddenly broke.

He has does a nice, and a bit funny and cocky demonstration that you should probably check out.

This would probably be great for someone who is already and pretty good shape, but I would think that it would be a bit much for a true beginner.

What do you think about this home workout?  Will you give it a try?

Please comment, if you will give it a try and also please like and share it if you think one of your friends or loved ones would benefit by giving this a try.

Fittest People on Earth

Wow, these are some tough people. This video shows some cool shots
from the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games, which is an event that last for
5 days and features some of the most fit men and women in the world.
Each man and woman competes in 15 different tests, it also shows
them in training. Besides being physically fit they have to be really
mentally fit as well, as they only find out exactly what they will be
doing, just a short time before they have to do it. For some of them,
this is the most difficult part. Whoever wins is known as the most
fit person on earth.

Paleo or Primal, Which is best for you?

What is the difference between the Paleo Diet and the Primal,
or “caveman” diet? This bright woman is not a professional
dietician, or a doctor, but she is very passionate about the
matter and does a nice job of explaining the differences and
lets you know which one she prefers, and why.

She seems to believe that the Primal approach is one that most
people would have an easier time sticking with, as it is quite a
bit less strict in some areas that are of concern to her. like dairy
and fat.

They both will help you to use healthy eating for optimum
health and teach you how to reduce overall body fat.

You can get a free copy of the caveman approach, which we
prefer, shipped directly to your door, by clicking one of the
banners that are on this site.


Do you believe these myths about healthy eating for
optimum health
? This funny, but helpful, video shows
you a number of beliefs that many people have, which
aren’t really true.

Do you have any of these beliefs?

You shouldn’t be afraid to eat fat and sometimes it is healthier
to prepare foods in different ways than we are used to preparing
them, to allow them to give us more benefits. In this funny video
you will hear about how believing some of these myths can cause
you to make less than desirable eating choices, for optimum health,

Fun Dance Workout To Burn Flab

For some people, dance workouts can be a great way to burn

body fat and work your heart. This video is a great example

of how it is done. This is a beautiful professional dancer

who has, an especially great, dance workout. This workout

will really get you sweating up a storm. It won’t be easy

and it is not for everyone. You have to already be in

fairly good shape and, if you have any questions about it,

you should consult your doctor. If you are fairly active,

and not too overweight, you should really enjoy this, and

it might be more fun to do it with your friends.

How to reduce stomach fat

Lots of women want to know how to reduce stomach fat and flab in

other areas of their bodies,and they would not like it to take years of hard

work. It doesn’t have to take years, but it will take some amount of effort.

how to reduce body fat

You have to eat the right things and do, at least some, type of exercises on

a regular basis. The last few pounds can be especially difficult. The body is

conditioned to store some amount of fat for times when there is no food

available. That was a real possibility hundreds of years ago. It is usually

not a problem for most people these days, but the body still performs in

this manner. It burns most of the new foods that you eat, but leaves that

stored fat for later, while, at the same time, adding a little bit to it each

time. If you want to start burning off that stored fat, you need to do some

extra things to help your body to get this fat burned off,  getting rid of

any flabby areas that you might have. Here are some ways that you can

get this job done:

*  If you are already exercising, exercise longer, and if you aren’t then

start. One easy thing to do is to walk briskly for at least 10,000 steps

every day, the more, the better. I always walk 12,000 steps, or more,

every day.


Most experts believe that real fat burning only starts after 30 minutes of

continuous exercise. So, the more you can do, after the 30 minute part, the

better results you will get. Before you do anything too hard, you should

consult your doctor, to make sure that it won’t be a problem. Most people

should not have a problem with brisk walking. Starting is the hardest part.

Once you have already started exercising, its easy to keep going further.


Many experts believe that it is best to start slow and to increase the speed

gradually each day, all the way up to jogging or even running, if your

doctor thinks that jogging or running wouldn’t be a problem for you.


The more you push your body, the more fat your body will burn,

but you don’t want to push your body to hard at first, because it isn’t

use to that. A gradual increase in intensity is the best way to do it.

For high intensity exercises, less time would be required to get the same



*   Many experts think that cutting your carbohydrates is also helpful for

target and burning fat. Carbohydrates are what fuels the body. If you give

the body all of the carbohydrates that it needs, then it won’t need to use

any of that  stored fat, which isn’t good, as this is what you want it to do.

If it has a shortage carbohydrates, it will have no choice but to burn flab

that is being stored, in order to have enough fuel to do its job. Replace the

lost carbohydrates with other healthy foods like foods that contain fats

and foods that contain protein, in order to keep the body strong, with

plenty of energy. If you eat too little, the body will sense it and go into

panic mode and start conserving energy, which means it doesn’t have

the power to burn stored fat. Some of the thing you need to reduce,

or cut out completely are things like alcohol, most starches, like bread,

pasta and potatoes, most, if not all, sugar, refined cereals and pancakes.

Some fruits are fine, but too much is not a good thing, as they do

contain a type of sugar called fructose. Bananas are especially high

in this sugar. If you find cutting carbs difficult at first, you can stress

by switching to wheat bread, instead of white bread along with brown

rice and sweet potato. in place of regular potatoes. Two of the worst

things are French fries and potato chips.


Many experts are in disagreement on which combination of foods

is most helpful for how to burn belly fat and fat in other areas, but

almost all of them agree that eating the right food is important and,

at the same time, getting regular exercise is of great importance as

well. Try to get into the mindset that you like trying to find the

combination of food that is the best way to burn body fat for you

and get into the mindset that you enjoy exercising and finding the

type of exercise that works best for you. The longer you continue,

the easier it will get. After you have continued for 21 straight

days it will start to become easier. After a full month both the

dieting and the exercise will have become a habit, and it will

be even easier to continue, from that point on. As for cutting down

on the carbohydrates, there are very few experts that would

disagree on the need to do this as one important way of how to

reduce stomach fat and other body fat.

how to reduce stomach fat



Different foods and different exercises work differently for

different people. Get excited about working to find out which

ones are best for you. If you have any worries at all about

making any diet or exercise changes, make sure and ask your

doctor about in, do some testing and never stop trying to

improve. If you do so, I am sure that you will end up with

that dream body that you want.


Another suggestion is not to check your weight too often,

it can cause stress, and can cause you to give up too early.

Sometimes you do a great job of dieting and exercising one

day, but when you check the scale the next morning, you

haven’t lost any weight, and your fat level is the same.

The body works like this. If you don’t do anything special

that next day, and then get on the scale the next morning,

that is when the improvement shows up. Its better to

check once a week, or even once a month. I would say

good luck, but you don’t need it, you just need to take

action on a daily basis.