Best Time To Workout At Home

best time to burn flab by lifting weights

Problems about setting the training at a particular time of the day is more important than it appears to be. The act of choosing the time that we train depends on several factors.

It’s obvious from the beginning that we can’t use the period of three hours after each main meal to be optimal, because this interval is mainly just allotted to digestion. A large amount of physical effort is totally not advisable at these times (blood must not be sent to the muscles, since gastric digestion has priority).

To be more exact, people need to train when their stomachs are empty, however the level of glycemia must be constant. Thinking about a normal awake – asleep rhythm, there are two better moments when we can set our fitness programs, and training in general: one is in the morning, between the hours of 10 and 12, and the other one is in the afternoon, between 1600 and 1900.

Most sports training experts confirms these periods as being the best for training.

An additional argument for choosing one of these intervals for your training is consideration of your body temperature which, during these times, reaches its maximum. The second period (between 1600 and 1900) is even better than the first one when thinking in this respect, because the temperature is higher which will enhances your performance.

It is not recommended to train extremely early in the morning, just after you wake up, before you have even had breakfast. However, there are some authors who believe in the idea of doing the training in this period being a good thing. The reserves of glycogen are limited due to the lack of food consumption that occurred during the sleeping time.

Its too bad but, at this same time, stress hormones (also called cortisone) are secreted in large amounts, therefore, in addition to the larger amount of adipose tissue (more commonly known as fat), there is also the risk of losing precious muscular tissue.

An additional thing to think about for not doing this is the fact that body temperature is very low in the hours of the morning, so there are no motion parameters (like force, resistance, speed, mobility, and skill) can be activated in full. Therefore, a longer that needed and extra tiring warming up would be required, making the the actual training less beneficial.

Almost all people of knowledge in the area agree that training before bedtime is not advisable at all, because it delays sleep for a few hours, because of the growth of cortical activity and of the body temperature.

The above mentioned  scheduling can be adapted to any biorhythm and time zone in which you live and once it becomes and automatic routine, the effectiveness of your training will increase almost without fail.

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