Easy Home Workout

Some people don’t want to deal with the people and waiting times at a commercial health club. I can understand. Even though I’m a member of a Gym, there are times when I prefer to workout on my own, in the quiet of my own place.

Are you the same way? If you are the type of person that is dedicated to eating right and getting quality exercise each day, but do not need the hassles of a health club, I’m sure working out at home is something that you are interested in.

Here’s a cool home workout you can do. It includes 7 cool exercises you can do at with just two dumbbells, or even two water bottles.

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Home Workout with 2 chairs and a broom

Do you have two chairs and a broom at home?

This guy has come up with a great system for working out at home and saving tons of money on gym fees while also saving tons of money on equipment.  I don’t know if it really works, and I worry if these props are sturdy enough, or not. It would not be nice if that broom, or one of those chairs, suddenly broke.

He has does a nice, and a bit funny and cocky demonstration that you should probably check out.

This would probably be great for someone who is already and pretty good shape, but I would think that it would be a bit much for a true beginner.

What do you think about this home workout?  Will you give it a try?

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Fittest People on Earth

Wow, these are some tough people. This video shows some cool shots
from the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games, which is an event that last for
5 days and features some of the most fit men and women in the world.
Each man and woman competes in 15 different tests, it also shows
them in training. Besides being physically fit they have to be really
mentally fit as well, as they only find out exactly what they will be
doing, just a short time before they have to do it. For some of them,
this is the most difficult part. Whoever wins is known as the most
fit person on earth.